Welcome to CS360

The Next Generation of Police Performance Management

CS360 is the next generation of law enforcement performance management, designed to tackle the unique challenges police departments face every day. This new system takes a proactive and problem-solving approach which emphasizes community collaboration, responsiveness, strategic problem solving, and community satisfaction.

Regardless of size or resources, all agencies are addressing trust and legitimacy in their communities. Coordination and management of community engagement efforts by applying agreed upon metrics can lead to enhanced transparency and data-driven decision-making. CS360 is a project management and data collection framework that works with community groups proactively.


CS360 is Centered on 3 Dimensions

The goal of the model is to provide police departments with an enhanced and complete picture of public safety. This new view includes additional priorities such as: accountability, police and community collaboration, identifying public safety problems, organizational effectiveness, officer well-being, integration of non-Command staff perspectives, and transparency.

Implementation, Training, and Technical Assistance

The National Policing Institute is committed to working closely with departments in order to successfully onboard and implement CS360 with no cost to departments while maintaining effective planning and time optimization. Training and technical assistance can include assistance with data analysis, engagement with peer police departments, communication of the model to the community, integration of officer safety and wellness, problem-solving training with police departments and the community, and metric development for community transparency outcomes.

The National Policing Institute was founded in 1970. Its mission is to improve policing through innovation and science. Any training and technical assistance provided to departments is at their request, and at no cost, as this project is generously funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance and the MacArthur Foundation.