Dimension 3: Maximize Organizational Effectiveness

Public safety resources are limited. The CS360 approach seeks to maximize organizational efficiency by focusing on issues, topics, and performance measures that are most relevant to community members.


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The following tables provide readers with information on indicators and measures that comprise CS360. To view the full description of each measure, hover over the text with the mouse (desktop) or tap the text (mobile and tablet devices). Located at the bottom of each table, the box allows navigation (with arrows and numbered sections) to view all the indicators and measures for a certain goal.

Selecting Indicators and Measures

Under the CS360 model, agencies should select and collect regular data on at least one measure per goal. To ensure that the indicators and measures comprehensively reflect priorities, agencies should seek input from diverse stakeholders including community members. It is also important to select measures that are evidence-informed, reflective of diverse data sources, and inclusive of both outputs and outcomes.

Goal 1. Ensure Officer Satisfaction, Safety, and Wellbeing

List of Indicators: Morale, Shift Lengths, Wellness, and Workplace Injuries.

Goal 2. Optimize Officer Assignments

List of Indicators: Deployment and Staffing and Officer Demographics.

Goal 3. Provide the Resources Necessary for Success

List of indicators: Budget, Deployment Decisions, Equipment, and Trainings.

Goal 4. Implement and Sustain 360 Learning and Evaluation

List of indicators: Professional Development Opportunities, Early Intervention and Improvement Plans, and Risk Mitigation.