Trust. Partnerships. Accountability. CS360 is the future of policing.

At a time when communities are seeking to play an active role in public safety, it is essential that we find ways to integrate community needs and feedback into our traditional data-driven crime monitoring process.

Developed by the National Policing Institute (formerly the National Police Foundation) and the Vera Institute of Justice, CS360 is the next generation of police performance management. Building on the foundations that have helped transform police departments worldwide, the new model takes a proactive and problem-solving approach which emphasizes community collaboration, responsiveness, strategic problem solving, and community satisfaction.

CS360 Dimensions


Integrate and Elevate Community and Governmental Partners


1. Shared responsibility of outcomes across stakeholders
2. Ensure that policing practices are equitable and accessible to all
3. Enhance trust between community members and the police
4. Understand factors that are impacting the community and their ability to respond

Maximize Organizational Effectiveness


1. Ensure officer satisfaction, safety, and wellbeing
2. Optimize officer assignments
3. Provide the resources necessary for success
4. Implement and sustain 360 learning and evaluation

Prevent, Interrupt, and Solve Crime


1. Prevent crime
2. Interrupt crime
3. Solve crime
4. Implement and assess promising and evidence-based practices

CS360 comprehensively addresses and promotes the foundations of effective policing. This model employs a 360-degree approach to data collection, analysis, and decision-making to enable law enforcement agencies to approach public safety comprehensively. In the research leading up to the development of the prototype, experts identified several positive outcomes of a CS360, such as:

Accountability. Both within the department and with community and government partners

Increased community collaboration and sustainable partnerships

Identifying public safety problems that are important to the community

Organizational effectiveness

Officer well-being

Integration of non-command staff perspectives


CS360 can help departments answer these critical questions:

How should successful policing be defined, measured, and managed?

How should community policing be measured?

How should agencies measure & manage progress in problem solving?

How should supervisors measure community engagement?

How can CS360 promote transparency?

How can a department systematically partner with community members in solving local problems?

Policing for our times

Since its development in 1994, CompStat has proven to be a valuable measurement and decision-making tool for police leaders and is widely accepted as one of the most important policing innovations in the last century. But as policing has transformed drastically over the last few years in light of technology and accountability demands, CompStat has remained unchanged. The crime information usually collected by CompStat only accounts for a very small portion of what police officers deal with on a day-to-day basis, and is not always representative of the entire community’s public safety concerns.

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