Implementing CompStat360

CompStat360 is a unique and integrative way to address problem areas in law enforcement. While the traditional model helps to measure and guide an agencies response to serious crime, it fails to address police and community collaboration, officer safety and wellness and other important problem areas. CompStat360 provides a more comprehensive data collection method which in turn, helps law enforcement agencies perform effective and quality policing. Using these data driven tactics, crime fighting initiatives will lead to positive results for all stakeholders involved.

As a police department, integrating this comprehensive approach has never been more important. With CS360, law enforcement agencies have the opportunity to:

  • Engage community members, governmental partners and other stakeholders in public safety conversations
  • Understand factors which are impacting the community that police departments serve
  • Establish and enhance trust between the police and community members
  • Incorporate data driven research and evidence based-practices into policing
  • Establish and prioritize problem solving in law enforcement initiatives
  • Ensure officer safety, satisfaction and overall well being

What Do I Need to Get Started?

In order to get started with the CS360 approach there are certain basic agency requirements that must be in place or established at the beginning of the project:

CS360 Agency Baseline Requirements

  • A site point of contact (POC) who can report directly to Chief or Deputy Chief
  • Dedicated support from leadership team
  • Commitment to hold a Problem-Solving Team (PST) Meeting that include representatives from the crime analysis unit, community members, stakeholder representatives, and other relevant team representatives monthly
  • Commitment to collect metrics beyond part 1 crimes
  • Participation in 1 Innovation Convening by 2 site representatives
  • Commitment to involve additional stakeholders in CS360 process at the very start

If the agency baseline requirements are met, training and technical assistance can be provided following the commitment to and development of these other practices:

Training and Technical Assistance

  • Development of CS360 metrics
  • Crime analysis unit CS360 capacity assessment
  • Crime analysis unit capacity development
  • On-site and off-site training opportunities that include but are not limited to:
    • Strengthening data collection and presentation for crime analysis unit
    • Data interpretation and strategic decision making for managers
    • Community metric collection
  • Connection and involvement in the CS360 community of practice
  • Peer-to-Peer opportunities
  • Participation and guidance throughout the implementation process including the scanning and PST process
  • Support working with non-law enforcement stakeholders (community, other governmental actors, etc.)

How Can the TTA Team Help Implement CompStat360 in My Department?

compstat360 process map-01

Request Training & Technical Assistance

To request technical assistance, training, or other resources through this initiative, agency POCs should fill out the Training and Technical Assistance Request Form below: